Art Rental

Enliven Home or Office Space with Original Canadian Art

  1. Diane Soward
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  3. Diane Soward
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Diane Soward created the Art Rental Programs with a vision of enlivening home and office space with Canadian art. She wanted to offer her clients a variety of paintings so she has included 3 other artists who's work she admires.   Marlene Bulas, Jennifer Lawton and Cathy Boyd have joined the program and together we hope to enhance home and office space while collectively complimenting each other's artwork.  We are all well established Canadian artists who reside in Southern Ontario.  All paintings are originals and created on ultra modern gallery-style stretched canvas (with the exception of Jennifer Lawton's mixed media paintings which are painted on aluminum).  The media used are acrylics, oils or mixed media.  No framing is required to display any of our artwork and no paintings are displayed behind glass.  This will create a modern, uniform style across the home or office while displaying work from various artists.
Renting art can be very affordable.  Obtain art without a large initial cash outlay. The program provides various methods of payment and terms to suit our client's needs.  Some benefits of renting art:

  • tax deductible expense for businesses
  • flexible leasing terms
  • enhance corporate culture
  • conservation of capital
  • regular monthly payments regulates cash flows and is simple to forecast
  • boost moral by having employees vote on paintings
  • allow managers to choose a painting for their office
  • include Canadian art in compensation programs
  • enliven office space
  • contribute to arts in Canada
  • impress your customers with modern art
  • ​rotate art periodically at the end of the lease term to keep with office space new and exciting
  • gives Canadian artists exposure to corporate world
  • short-term rentals also available for home stagers

The program provides customers with the opportunity to contribute to the arts in Canada by directly supporting Canadian artists.   We also hope to unite the corporate world with the art world and enhance the corporate culture with our Art Rental Programs.

Note: the paintings in the photographs are for design purposes and may not be to scale.

 Diane Soward 

Cathy Boyd

Jennifer Lawton

Marlene Bulas